Monday, December 04, 2006

BIG TOES by Marion de la Croix

(This monthly assignment was to choose from a number of unfamiliar topics and perhaps research them and produce poetry or prose. Topics included: Aurora Australis, Hannibal, Angkhor Wat, Big Toe, Big Ben (i.e. the mechanicism in the Tower of Westminister), cold fusion, Boerwurst sausage. Monya bravely incorporated them all!)

Just cause they’re bigger they think they can push us around,’ said left 1st digit.

‘I know I’m fed up with their bossy ways.’ agreed right 2nd digit.

‘If we all curl up they’ll have to support Jack’s two metres on their own.’ Left 3rd digit laughed.

‘Lets do it and see how they like it.’

‘I’m frightened,’ said left pinkie, ‘all he has to do to punish me is lift up and then I’ll have to support Jack’s weight on my side.’

Left 4th digit rubbed up closer to pinkie.

‘Don’t get upset well prop you up we always do.’

‘Well all right,’ she smiled hesitantly.‘Lets do it!’

‘Oy what do you think you’re doing?’

Right big toe pushed his second in command out of the way.

‘Serves you right you brute how do you like the rough treatment?’

Left big toe leaned onto 2nd digit.‘Do what you’re told squirt.’

Left pinkie, 3rd and 4th digit squeezed with all their might.

‘Leave left 1st in command alone, left big toe.’

‘Do we have a revolt? You lot are no match for me.’

Jack stood up‘Attention everyone we’re going for a walk,’ called out right big toe.

The six digits and two pinkies silently cursed the twin big toes and tried to think of a way to get back at the bullies.

Once out the front door Jack began to run.

‘I wish Jack would buy some new shoes,’ said right 3rd digit.

‘Ow, ow I’m getting a blister,’ complained left 3 rd digit.

‘Me two,’ said right 2 nd digit.

‘I’m getting squashed,’ said right pinkie. ‘ What about you?’ she called out to her counterpart.

Before left pinkie could reply, right big toe laughed.

‘Ha ha serves you squirts right I’m enjoying this.’

Jack slowed down, jumped onto the sands then picked up speed along the beach. A wave ran over his feet and the ten digits gasped in shock from the onslaught of cold water.

‘I wish he’d slow down,’ said right big toe.

As if Jack had read right big toes thoughts, he stopped and removed his sneakers. Each toe luxuriated in the sensation while Jack buried both big toes into the sand.

‘Cough cough,’ they complained

‘I just wish he wouldn’t do that,’ said left big toe.

Both pinkies laughed.

‘Serves you right bullies.’ Everyone jeered at the big toes discomfort. ‘Serve you right you bullies!’ the digits called out.

Left big toe suddenly screamed. Everyone squinted in his direction. A crab had taken a fancy to left big toe and proceeded to gnaw away skin.‘

Help!’ he cried. Right big toe tried to dislodge the crustacean but the crab latched onto him instead.

Eight digits giggled.

‘Big toes for dinner, can you imagine putting that smelly glob of human flesh into you’re mouth? I’m glad Jack’s a vegetarian!’

Marion de la Croix ©