Saturday, August 05, 2006

NATURE'S WAY by Marion de la Croix

SPRINGTIME: when the sun begins to arc higher on its axis to coincide with the moon and the natural world listens.

No minute’s, seconds or hours matter only an inbuilt sense to come alive. Flora and fauna heed the breeze, atmosphere and the raindrops.

SUMMERTIME: where grass, fodder, nuts and roots abound and must be harvested to replenish depleted winter stocks.

Warm mornings gradually increase into stormy afternoons. Once again, no clock is mentioned.

Wildlife preens, struts and absorbs wholesome rays of the sun, as winter coats are shed underfoot.

AUTUMN: without instruction begins its shut down process in preparation for the third season. Pelts increase in density, extra down intensifies on birds feathers and leaves shed from their hosts provide a blanket for their roots.

Competition for underground nests and dens becomes fierce and only the strongest succeed.

Without notices or announcements trees sense the moment to allow sap to fall back to feed its roots for next year.

WINTER TIME: finds burrows and warrens occupied and sealed against frosty nights. Low temperatures encourage hibernation and months of recuperation. Many remain without food due to inactivity. Food for others, hidden in spring and summer, is retrieved, dug up.

Trees, stark and naked, brave the elements and discard diseased and dead branches to the wind.

Old and sick die and new life commences in wombs.

Nowhere are clocks mentioned but the world continues to turn.

Marion de la Croix ©


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