Saturday, August 05, 2006

RED GUM by Marion de la Croix

Atop the Great Divide I dwell, surrounded by my clan
Weather worn now, world weary and cadaverous
Sadly, my limbs once virile have turned sinuous
Since I sprouted here centuries before occupation by man

I still stand tall though, gnarled arms outspan
Yet come spring my feelings grow amorous
When Mother Nature weaves spells of procreation
Pert leaves shake and shimmer, wafted by a zephyr fan

Empty veins are sap replenished, momentarily
I become Tarzan Past years come to mind of days splendiferous
However, old timbers ache;I soon forget love's sensation
My bark becomes flaccid, spring growth turns wan

Oh, for a rain shower I pray, who needs sex, I'm ravenous
'Saplings,' I call, 'it's your turn for multiplication.'

Marion De La Croix ©


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