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‘I can’t go any further,’ said Nixie.

Tianna sighed and reached for the girl’s hand.

‘We’re nearly there,’ she said.

Enticed by the evening shade she cautiously led her niece into the glade followed by Kheelan her husband and Dain her son.

Two kangaroos lay in the grotto grooming their fur and showed no signs of flight. They didn’t appear to have heard the family enter their sanctuary.

‘We’ll stay here tonight,’ Tianna said.

‘But there aren’t any toadstools mum.’

‘I know Dain. I think Ellyllon must live here.’

The boy smiled.

‘I remember, they eat mushrooms and fairy butter.’

‘Clever boy you’re learning fast.’

‘Look Kheelan, over there is a Dutchman’s pipe. Lets have a drink.’ said Tianna.

‘Delicious,’ said Dain.

He wiped moisture from his chin and smiled.

‘There even enough water for a swim.’

‘In you go then both of you,’ smiled Tianna

The cousins needed no second bidding.

‘I’ll collect some wormwood leaves for bedding and the smell will deter any crawlies.’ said Kheelan’.

The family had left Bumpitipity Stump three days ago. The first night they had spent in an abandoned Magpies nest. The second night, Nixie had chosen a farmers letterbox that resembled a barn. The family still had another full days travel ahead before they reached their destination.

Once they reached Ditochre, Muggery the wizard and his goblins would never get his hands on Nixie.

Tianna only had enough food left for tonight. She opened her pea pod, frowned and displayed what was left of the food.

‘I’m sorry that’s it children.’

Nixie and Dain groaned.

‘Never mind I saw some Logan berries growing near the wormwood I’ll go and pick one,’ said Kheelan.

‘Mum, help me!’

‘Dain, look out for that ant behind you!’ screamed Nixia.

Tianna picked up a twig and poked it in the insect’s eye. It curled into a ball and lay still.

‘Come and have some berry,’ called Kheelan.

He took his cutting stone from his pouch and divided the fruit.

‘That tasted so good,’ said Nixie.

‘The best,’ said Dain.

‘I think we should get some sleep now, we have a another long walk tomorrow.’

Tianna lay next to Nixie and thought about how the Wizard had killed his wife Timtoo, Tianna's sister, then tried to sell Nixie to Arabuntle.

If he had succeeded Nixie would have been sentenced to a life of cruelty at the hands of the witch.

As long as I live that won’t happen vowed Trianna silently.

Suddenly Kheelan stood up.

‘We must leave now I can smell him.’

‘Oh no Kheelan what can we do?’

‘Sh! Follow me.’

He picked up his sleeping son while Tiania gathered Nixie in her arms.

Kheelan crept towards one of the kangaroos. He eased his way up amongst the thick fur until he reached its pouch. Nixie clambered inside with a gentle push from Tianna.

‘We’ll be safe here. Maybe this kind animal will give us a lift!

‘You’re so clever Kheelan.’

Tianna reached up and kissed her husband.

Without acknowledging their presence the kangaroo stretched its front legs, stood up and knocked everyone of their feet.

‘Hang on we’re off!’ cried Kheelen.

He peeped over the edge of the pouch.

‘She’s heading in the right direction anyhow.’

He overbalanced and fell down into the soft lining.

Nixie snuggled into his arms, ‘You’ll be safe now,’ he said.

Gratefully she hugged her uncle.

The kangaroo leapt high in the air as it bounced over the countryside. The quartet dozed, safe at last in their cacoon.

Suddenly the animal stopped.

Kheelan woke and looked over the edge of the pouch, saw the sun and smiled.

‘We’re her Tainna.’

‘At last.’

Kheelan grasped handfuls of soft fur, clambered up the inside of the pouch and jumped out. Everyone followed and they slid down to the ground.

The kangaroo lowered its head and tenderly sniffed the foursome.

‘Thank you for your help Mrs Marsupial,’ said Tianna.

‘My pleasure. Good luck fairies!’

Marion de la Croix ©


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