Sunday, September 10, 2006

LUCKLESS by Marion de la Croix

I'm told to write a short story of luck

Unhappily, though I'm inspiration stuck

Even wallowed in some sweet horse muck

In addition, my steed gave me a sympathetic buck

Winston my duck showed disapproval with a cluck

And clucked she did many times did my duck

A chicken for dinner I did furiously pluck

Yet still, I'm denied any stories of luck

For my brain has suddenly become dumbstruck

Ah ha! An idea, then again no, forget it, yuk

I give in, I can't think, so the pen I'll chuck

Off to bed to dream and instead become star struck.

Marion de la Croix ©

SHOW GOSSIP by Marion de la Croix

'Hallo Betsy?'

'Good aye Mavis. Another prizewinning show hopefully ahead, goodness you've put on weight!'

'I know isn't it marvellous and just in time for the show. Harry's so happy.'

'Another year another ribbon maybe?' Betsy asked.

'We can only hope. How's everyone at Kings Plans?'

'Good thanks there have been many changes since last year.'

'All for the good I hope?' asked Mavis.

'Yes. Merrill over there had a baby so did June and old April but Hamish died.'

'I will miss Hamish. He was kind to me when I was younger.'

'We all feel the same.'

'What about you, any news of little feet?' Mavis asked.

'You're joking, I'm far too old,' she laughed.

'Not the way you I've seen you carrying on with the bulls,' teased Mavis.

'It's only flirting these days,' Betsy sadly admitted.

'Never mind dear time affects us all in the end.'

'I don't think about time any more just enjoy myself.'

'Good on you.'

'What about you Mavis what news?'

'Harry finished that new barn and we had another dam built. The water is delicious doesn't have that taste to it yet you know?'

'Yes I know what you mean, lucky you.'

'Harry has also bought this new cattle feed and I prefer it to the other one, it has more crunch.'

' Jacks bought some for us as well but there is never enough especially when Molly and Joan hoe into it, dribbling as they eat. Who wants their slosh after they've finished?'.

'Still better than plain old hay I suppose.'

'I agree.'

'Oh here comes that rascal Burnie he's got a new ring in his nose and I'm not talking about Susan.'

'Don't talk to me about that hussy!'

'What do you mean?'

'She'd lift her tail for any old stud.'

'But she looks so demure.'

'She a good actress!'

Bernie glanced towards them and winked lasciviously.

'Good aye girls now you've seen this years prime specimen and Best of Show form a queue for a kiss!' he growled in his husky voice as he lumbered past.

'Cheeky bugger,' drooled Betsy, 'and he's so handsome.'

'You said you'd given up flirting,' said Mavis.

'I know but he sets a girl blood on fire with a mere glance and I can't resist a red head.'

She laughed.

'You'll never change, you're a tart!'

'I know and I love every minute of the show. I wish it was held twice a year instead of once then I could admire the boys at my leisure.'

'I think I'll change to topic of conversation before you jump onto the next bull that passes.'

'I do know how to behave like a lady Mavis!'

'Only teasing my dear.'

'That's all right,' Beryl said mollified. 'To please you what shall we discuss now?'

'The stalls look nice and clean won't be long though before they smell ripe even with this cooler temperatures.'

'How boring Mavis don't you ever occasionally eye the boys?'

'In days gone by I did but where does it get you but pregnant again.'

'I only think about the present not what will happen next year.'

'As I said Betsy you are a tart.'

They tossed their heads snorted and laughed.

'I say have you seen that new Droughtmaster Bull in the Webster's stalls?' Mavis asked.

'Yes he's is a beauty, bit young for me though.'

'Can't you ever think of anything except sex Betsy?'


'I give up!' said Mavis and stamped her foot.

'Okay Mavis I will try.'

'Enough of the gossip. Here comes Harry with my hay,' Mavis snorted.

'Jack's taking his time unloading mine. I'm starving. We left home at four this morning.'

'He's probably been gossipping with Harry.'

Mavis twitched her tail and flattened two flies on her rump.

'Well he better feed me before he puts his hands on my udders!'

'Harry milked me the moment we got here so I'm free of hands until tonight.'

'At last, here comes Jack now I can eat. He's not bad for a human at least he warms his hands first.'

'So does Harry, if he was a bull, I'd rather fancy him!' Mavis joked.

'I don't think I'd go that far with Jack although if I was desperate I might.'

Betsy giggled.

'Are you entered into the same events this year?' asked Mavis.

'Yep in the best bovine legs and largest udders!'

'Those aren't proper events,' laughed Mavis.

'I know but you've got to have a laugh haven't you?'

Marion de la Croix ©